As a comprehensive public relations consultancy, 124 specializes in communication practices that promote, develop, and defend business reputations. From showcasing CEO leadership styles to crafting standout business profiles in key media outlets, we influence the individuals who drive business growth.


Spanning Technology to E-commerce, Financial Services to Sports and Entertainment, Logistics to Transportation, Insurance to Political Campaigns, Consumer to Public Services, 124 is the trusted partner of leading brands, corporations, and organizations. We keep them connected, help them explore new horizons and opportunities, and safeguard their organizations and brand reputations. Our strategic media relations programs, stakeholder communication across various channels, and executive media training on effective communications and media interviews set us apart.

  • G Steel
  • Sahaviriya Steel Industry
  • Thai Metal Trading
  • Asia Metal Trading
  • Permsin Steel Works
  • Samchai Steel
  • Pacific Pipe
  • Siam Steel
  • Thai Steel Cable

Our industry-leading media training is conducted by our experienced team, which is led by former senior international and local journalists who have worked across print, broadcast and online media.

We are firm believers in the benefits of practical experience, and our hands-on training uses professional camera teams to recreate the real-life interview and crisis situations clients are likely to face. This training can be scaled up for groups of executives or tailored to a specific challenge facing an individual or business leader.

Media Outreach activities – BOI


Our Crisis Communications practice helps clients defend, recover and manage their reputations, around the clock. Based on our ‘3R’ mantra of readiness, response and recovery, our team of highly experienced consultants assess the ability of individuals and organizations to manage their reputations effectively. We prepare companies, institutions and individuals for dealing with both predictable and unforeseen issues.

When a crisis or bad headlines strike, we help them surmount the challenge and navigate the fall out. We have worked for many different individuals and organisations, at home and abroad. As a result, our expertise covers almost every sector. This includes product recalls, employment disputes and tribunals, environmental incidents, major litigation cases and events that have caused loss of life.

Please see the following pages for cases we successfully accomplished.

Bank of Thailand (Deposit Protection Agency)

  • Crisis communications preparedness development and training program, including
    • Research on Impact of proposed bill
    • Crisis Communications Standing Operating Procedures design and development
    • Crisis Communications Manual
    • Simulation & Training

Tesco: Accused elimination of local Mom and Pop retails business. Unethical business practices. Cabinet soon to approve proposed Bill to control modern trade business expansion

  • Strategic media relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Policy level coordination
  • Legislators briefings
  • Media monitoring & Intelligence
  • Public hearings and engagement

Results : Proposed Bill was dropped. Tesco continues business expansion as planned till now

  • Competitive brand acquisition
  • Consumer’s complaint over food contamination



Oishi Restaurant

  • Consumer complaint over food contamination and safety


AIG Retail Bank

  • Spin off and Merged by rival


Siam Kubota

  • Farmers protest at the government house

  • KFC
        • Food contamination cases
        • Shops closure in RED alert area


  • Voting right court case after M&A


  • Post business acquisition to restore public trust and confidence



  • Executive Reputation Mnagement
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Communications Training


  • Water Storage collapse flooding Motorways

  • Crisis communications preparedness development and training program, including
      • Research
      • Crisis Communications Standing Operating Procedures design and development
      • Crisis Communications Manual





KOLs & Inluencers

Doing business in Thailand, “Know-how” is less importance than “Know – who”. We help our client stay focused on their best while we help them connected to local influential and opinion leaders to ensure and sustain smooth and efficient operations

  • Industrial and professional associations
  • Lead political party executives
  • Policy makers/ Opinion leaders
  • Key influential interest group
  • Key technocrats / academics
  • House committees on ICT/Commerce
  • NGO
  • Social influencers
  • Media owners and senior editors
  • Lead industrial journalists
  • Local columnists

Social Influencers attending major clients event

  • Alibaba
    • Nui Beartai
    • C Ceemeagaine
    • Boy Brand Inside
  • Electrolux
    • Nui Beartai
    • C Ceemeagain
  • Suntory PepsiCo
    • อีเจี๊ยบเลียบด่วน

    • Poetry of Bitch

  • Singha Estate
    • ลุงซาเล้ง กับขยะที่หายไป

    • เม้าท์มอยเกาหลี

    • Booneyes Sam

    • เที่ยวให้ยับ