“Kid Dee Mee Tun Hai”

The Power Development Fund of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) brings the media to visit a community near Khanom Power Plant, in Khanom Subdistrict, Khanom district of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, as the community has fully utilized the government’s policy of “Kid Dee Mee Tun Hai” or translated to the “Funding for good ideas” project. The Power Development Fund provides financial aid to communities located near power plant, through proposals of project ideas to support their livelihood. The community was able to present several projects, which has been approved, such as projects to renovate their Laem Prathap pier to greater accommodate tourists visit to sight see pink dolphins in their natural habitat. The community also requested for a fund to purchase equipment to support the community’s youth shadow show, which helps preserve local culture and tradition;  furthermore the commission also provided fund for the community to construct their City Pillar Shrine, as well as supporting the community’s Northern whiting fishing festival, an annual festival which has been inherited for generations.

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