White City Living Phase 3 Cassini & Waterside: A New Landmark for White City, The Gem of Investment in the Heart of West London

Berkeley Group, one of top 100 listed companies in London Stock Exchange, unveils White City Living Phase 3, its flagship residential project in West London, to attract Thai investors who are looking to invest in UK property and generate high yield.

To reach potential customers in Thailand, Berkeley Group teams up with Locanation, a leading content platform for Thai real estate market, to provide information of its White City Living Phase 3 and investment opportunities in London. Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand) is the project’s sale agent in Thailand.

Mr.Pepe Arunanondchai, Founder of Locanation
Mr.Pepe Arunanondchai, Founder of Locanation

Mr. Pepe Arunanondchai, Founder of Locanation, said the UK’s appealing real estate market remains resilient, with London listed as the second-best city in the world to invest in property, thanks to the country’s vivacity and the fame of its capital London as the dream destination for travelers, students, and business professionals.  London’s real estate growth at almost doubling in 10 years is evidently higher than many countries in the world.

“For Thai investors, its attraction is also fueled by the strong Thai baht and the weakening British pound, making UK’s real estate market the promised land for investors worldwide,” he said.

Apart from this collaboration, Locanation will continue to work closely with Berkeley to bring more world-class developments that will cater to customers’ preference and draw more attention from Thais to invest in foreign properties in the future.

Mr. Nik Pankhania, Head of Thailand Business Operations of Berkeley Group
Mr. Nik Pankhania, Head of Thailand Business Operations of Berkeley Group

Mr. Nik Pankhania, Head of Thailand Business Operations of Berkeley Group, said Berkeley sees opportunities from Thais eyeing to invest in London property, so it brings its flagship project “White City Living” Phase 3 in West London to attract Thai investors. West London is regarded as the best place for harmonious living thanks to the comfort in all aspects, with major shopping malls, offices, and well-known restaurants. Here are 5 reasons that makes White City Living stand out:

  • White City Living is part of the British Government’s regeneration plan worth 8 billion pound (or around 300 billion baht) for White City district. The initiative includes the construction of Imperial College London’s new campus; renovation of Westfield, London’s largest shopping mall; White City Place to house hotel, offices, restaurants, and the renovation of former BBC – Television Centre Building into the new office space as well as the White City Living developed by Berkeley Group’s St. James.
  • There are two Underground stations with access to three key Tube lines. Beyond that, White City Living is taking only 30 minutes to and from Heathrow International Airport.
  • Located across the apartment complex is the capital’s latest start-up hub White City Place. It is embraced by more than a hundred restaurants and newest Soho House – the White City House, the exclusive club with stars and politicians as its permanent members. Its close proximity to London’s popular districts, namely Notting Hill, Kensington Palace, and Hyde Park within 10 minutes, is also a plus.
  • It is linked with the new campus of Imperial College London, the United Kingdom’s top 5 leading universities and the world’s top 10 rankings. Furthermore, the area is only a short distance from other prestigious schools including the Royal College of Art, Notting Hill Prep School and many more.
  • Residents will cherish the enjoyment from the existing service and convenience. White City Living offers more than 8 acres of green area, swimming pool with posh sundeck, modern and fully equipped fitness that comes with personal training room, sauna room and steam room as well as spa treatment with massage service.

White City Living Phase 3 comprises 2 brand new residential buildings, The Waterside, and Cassini. Striking with sweeping curves, the buildings offer fully fitted apartment with 1-3 bedrooms and keep up in style with modern design, yet a pleasure to the eyes and a touch of sleek luxury. The starting unit price is from 775,000 pounds or about 30 million baht.

Ms. Juthamas Leewanun, Sales & Marketing Manager International Residential of Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand), illustrates the overview of investment in London’s booming property market that there is an increased interest among Thai investors to invest in real estate market in London, the United Kingdom.

Part of the reasons comes from the imbalanced supply of residences in London – the city that is not only the top choice for world-class companies’ headquarters, but also the significance as the world’s  financial hub, desired travel destination and centre for high-level education with more than 40 universities and colleges to offer. Another reason is the weakening pound for the fifth consecutive year and the strengthening Thai baht.

“Investing in London’s property market promises a 3-4% rental yield and 6-10% capital growth annually, better returns than other assets in the medium-to-long term. Known for its impeccable safety, the city of London’s legislative is transparent, and grants ownership rights in leasehold for 999 years,” she added.

Furthermore, the British law does not impose any limitation on rental procedure or foreign property owner’s rights that could sometimes worry foreign investors. Also, it is a highly liquidated market, with an average of 6 months to sell property. One finding from the Seven Capital Brexit Survey shows that nearly 85% of investors are currently investing in the U.K. market, highlighting how U.K. property remains both an attractive and stable investment for high-net-worth-individuals.