Electrolux makes its mark with the power of innovation and customer centric by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences.

         As a leading global appliances company from Sweden, Electrolux, has recently revealed its business direction in Thailand for 2018. The company takes great interest in pioneering innovation and new technology with the vision of creating best-in-class experience for consumers, in line with the philosophy of Shape Living for The Better.

         With the aim of maintaining its position as the leading household appliances through delivering high quality products with European standards, this year, Electrolux is committed towards rolling out the strategies focusing on fulfil all its consumers’ need and lifestyle in every aspect.  A key factor is the inspirational stories that create a bonding between users and the products, as well as differentiating the brand from others.

         Mr. Ratchata Suttapattanon, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. Said “Electrolux continues to grow as targeted from the previous year, emphasizing its position as the leader in premium household appliances products. Electrolux products are divided into three main categories to be in line with consumer’s lifestyles: Taste (for kitchen appliances), Care (for fabric care products) and Wellbeing (for home care products; air-conditioners, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, water heaters etc.)”

Mr. Ratchata Suttapattanon, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ratchata Suttapattanon, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd.

         Under Taste category, products are kitchen appliances such as ovens, induction cookers, hobs and blenders.  This year, the company remains captured on inspiring stories as key in motivating people to achieve a culinary experience and cook healthy and nutritious food for their loved ones, family and friends. In addition, Electrolux has recently unveiled their Cooking Brand Ambassadors, the empowered working-women and celebrities NooMam – Surivipa Kultangwattana and her husband Bobby – Robert Poonpipat. The couple illustrate modern lifestyles with passion in cooking based on their own inspiring stories in their kitchen with Electrolux kitchen appliances.

         Earlier this year, Electrolux Taste Center was recently opened in Thailand to showcase the latest appliances from Electrolux. It is the space, first in Asia, where consumers will be invited to participate in taste activities such as cooking demos and shows, to see and get inspiration by premium Electrolux appliances in action.

         In terms of Care category or fabric care products such as washing machines, dryers, irons, stream irons etc., Electrolux helps consumers to take care of their clothes, so they feel new and clean for longer. It is commonly known as the market leader for front-load washer; as it offers efficient energy consumption and innovative fabric care technology products, hence matching modern lifestyles. At the beginning of the year, Electrolux have introduced their latest innovation called UltraMix which concurs with its FashionCare campaign in which featured Thai leading designer Moo – Polapat Asavaprapha. The product is very well received and offers solutions in retaining consumers’ favourite outfits to be as new as first handed attires.

         Wellbeing category is products for good living condition, including vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners, air purifier and water heaters. Electrolux pays great attention on innovation that create a clean and healthy indoor environment free from dust and allergens, make home healthier than ever. This year, the company launched the Intelligent triangular shaped robotic vacuum cleaner series, PURE i9. It is known for technologies of smart cleaning which can be controlled from anywhere using smartphone, perfectly align with modern lifestyles.

Featured highlights and new innovations of Electrolux products to be launched in 2018 are as Follows:

Taste (Kitchen Appliances)

  • Nutrifesh Multi-Doors refrigerator offers additional efficient use of space with its FlexFresh Compartments that can serve as a chiller, freezer or crisper. With UltraChill technology, It efficiently keeps meats and seafoods longer with -2 Celsius humidity control, which is 3 times longer than normal refrigerator in markets.
  • Microwave Ovens 5-in-1 Rose Gold color comes with Aircook technology, frying foods with minimal oil for better health. It is conveniently programed to cook, bake, grill, stream and fry for 14 healthy recipes.
  • Built-Under ComfortLift Dishwasher gives users easier access to all dishes with its XXL capacity and unique mechanism to lift the lower basket up to a comfortable height.
  • Explore 7 Collection Blender, an innovative Blender with Power Tilt technology that changing the way ingredients are blended – making it simple to create the smoothest, most velvety textures. It can also control a speed to suit amount of ingredients by Intelligent speed control technology.

Care (Fabric Care Products)

  • Front-load Washing machine with the UltraMix technology that pre-mix water with detergent in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximize cleaning power and maintain vivid colors. It can also reduce the chance of fading by 31% after 52 washes and save up to 75% of energy and 44% of washing time. With Vapour Care Technology, this innovative program uses gentle stream to achieve a smoother fabric as well as reduce wrinkles by up to 22% and eliminate allergens by up to 99%.

Wellbeing (for home care products such as Air-Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Vacuum Cleaners, and Water Heaters, etc.)

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, a unique triangular design, Pure i9 equipped with a 3D Vision Technology to spot objects in its path and avoid obstacles. With Exclusive Trinity Shape, this vacuum cleaner can reach all of the corners, narrow spaces, and edges. Mobile app connection makes it more convenience to scheduling and control even when out of the home.
  • Air-Conditioner comes with the Active Pure technology, the innovative filtration of up to 8 steps to eliminate 99% of bacteria and allergens. Combined with Auto Cleaning System called “X – Fan”, it reduces odor and dehumidification.

         Whist the company strategies is focusing on bringing new technology and innovation, the company also pays great attention to deliver total experience to customers even before they decide to buy – starting from inspiring them with Electrolux’s remarkable stories, providing information to suits their need in decision making (both instore and online) as well as in buying process and continuing to deliver the best-in-class customer services. This entire experience is to endure customer’s total satisfaction in quality and yet continue to be royal to Electrolux in the long term. Moreover, Electrolux plans to put more effort on digital channel and online media with inspiring stories, shared experiences and product reviews to attract customers who are looking for premium appliances and services with an emphasis on quality and innovation.

         More information on Electrolux products can be found at sales booths nationwide and from Electrolux Customer Service Center at 02 725 9000. Keep up with interesting news and other activities at www.electrolux.co.th , Facebook at www.facebook.com/electroluxthailand , Instagram at @electroluxth , and Youtube at  www.youtube.com/electroluxthai