to Host Online Summit for Thai SMEs Looking to Exploit E-commerce Opportunities during Covid-19 Crisis

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has seen many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) struggling to find a way out for their products as traditional ways of doing business are disrupted. Now, a leading business-to-business (B2B) platform for global trade, is calling for Thai SMEs to seize the opportunity from e-commerce as a way to weather the current global economic downturn.

Even before the pandemic, doing business online has helped numerous SMEs effectively reach out to global buyers. In this challenging time, when more buyers around the world are faced with budget and travel constraints, B2B e-commerce represents an even more crucial opportunity and an inevitable trend.

Nevertheless, SMEs that have not yet effectively exploited e-commerce channels have many questions such as: What are the latest local policies relevant to Thai SMEs? How are the prospects of global B2B trade like? What are the latest export trends and what they mean to Thai businesses? What kind of support can Thai SMEs leverage on?

At this critical juncture, will host the “Go Export 2020: Thailand Online Seller Summit” from 2:00-3:30pm on May 20 for Thai SMEs who are considering transforming their way of conducting business. Open for registration now, the platform’s first public Livestream event in Thailand will bring together more than a thousand potential and current Thai exporters to listen to sharing that may impact the future of their businesses.

The session will start off with a speech by Dr. Nattapol Rangsitpol, Director General of the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP), about the challenges and opportunities in cross-border trade. It will be followed by a presentation by Stephen Kuo, Head of Asia Pacific of, about trends and insights in regard to global digitized trade.

Participants will also have the opportunity to get inspired by the experiences of two Thai SMEs that have successfully leveraged to grow their businesses, and learn about the platform’s latest measures to better support Thai SMEs to embrace digital trade.

As one of the world’s leading e-commerce channels, has been bringing Thai products to the world, reaching 18 million active buyers in more than 190 countries.

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