“Singha Estate” gears up to become “Global Holding Company” Focusing on sustainable growth and unveiling 85 billion baht to spearhead business expansion, highlighted with quality projects

Singha Estate”envisions to become “Global Holding Company”, unveiling a strategy to move forward its organization with stronger financial status and sustainable growth. The company set aside an 85-billion-baht budget to invest in potential assets in both Thailand and overseas and develop Singha Estate brand positioning as “Leading Premium Brand” in global market

Mr. Naris Cheyklin, Chief Executive Officer of Singha Estate PLC (S), reveals that the company has concentrated on its vision to become “Global Holding Company” and unveils a new strategic move to build a stronger organization and grow sustainably through four business strategy pillars as following;

  1. Reputable Global Holding Company:With this aim, Singha Estate focus on investing in good quality assets with optimal capital structure, which generate good returns on investment and have sustainable-growth potential, as well as enhancing business structure for future growth through corporate center of excellence policy. Its asset investment has been made under the Smart M&A strategy and geographically well – diversified to many well-known tourist destinations worldwide. Key factor supporting its fast acquisitions is its strong financial status, which allows the company to mobilize funds in long term through the set-up of real estate investment trust fund (REIT), the credit rating for an issuance of bond and the move toward sustainability development company.Furthermore, the company plans to enhance its capacity on construction and operation management for the overseas business and its first flagship global mixed – use development project, the CROSSROADS in the Maldives, which is scheduled to open in 2019.
  1. Singha Estate Branding: To become “Premier Global Holding Company”, it puts efforts to develop “Singha Estate” as a premier leading and trusted brand, illustrating refined and quality products with international standards. The company develop Singha Estate brand with deep understanding of human bonding nature, which aim to inspire all stakeholders to make better world for next generation through the way people live, work, play and shop. The company is developing “Beautiful Journey” experience through integration of human touch service while blending seamlessly with smart human technology to create memorable experiences. Furthermore, the company will continue to develop its brand under “SD Practitioner: Good Corporate Citizen” philosophy aim to become recognized as “Global SD Brand”, building “SD value creation” through business process with global partners and all stakeholders.
  2. Business & Organization of Tomorrow: The company is organizing its structure to be “High Agility Business” with flexible business model and platform focusing on business, portfolio and execution. With this new structure, all business units have more opportunities to leverage its competencies such as value enhancement of its assets. Moreover, the company has plans to develop new businesses including new properties, value added products & services for real estate, eco-friendly products & services and businesses that has high-growth potential in long term such as JV vehicle, venture Capital, etc.
  3. Sustainable Development: The company has incorporated the philosophy of “harmonious co-existence”for its sustainable growth business strategy, focusing on creating SD values for all stakeholders and do “SD in-process” business practice follow SDG (Sustainability Development Goals). For 2019 onward, the company plans to build self-sustained communities through the set-up of social enterprise and the partnership with SD network. Joining forces with global SD association, Singha Estate aims to be a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) by 2023

“I’m confident to move forward Singha Estate to a next level under our new strategic direction as “Global Holding Company”. We set aside over 85-billion-baht budget to develop several quality projects worldwide, together with investment in new potential business opportunities to build a sustainable growth with strong financial fundamental” Mr. Naris said.

Mr. Naris adds that 2019 will be  “harvesting” year for Singha Estate to realize strong revenue stream from recent investments including six Outrigger hotels and flagship projects such as  the luxury mixed-use project ”Singha Complex”, the ultra-luxury detached-housing project “Santiburi The Residences”, and the integrated lifestyle tourist destination “CROSSROADS” at the Maldives, which all will be completed and opened. Moreover, the company will be receiving strong revenue stream from the ownership transfer of its residential projects, THE ESSE Asoke, THE ESSE at SINGHA COMPLEX, Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok and Santiburi The Residences. Also, many new projects will be launched in 2019 such as new luxury condominiums, begin construction of new office tower next to Suntowers on Vibhavadi Rangsit.