School Playground Equipment Donation

Deep in the high mountain terrain some 540 kilometers from Bangkok, once a war-thorn area between communist separatists and government forces, lies a small village called Unkratad where hill tribes migrated to set up their community after the area was turned over to the government. Despite the lack of basic infrastructure, the villagers manage to live a happy life growing corn and other vegetables for domestic consumption.

As years go by, number of villagers grows bigger so does the new born children. As of 2013, the only community funded school handled over 150 students, aging from 4 – 9 years old. Because of limited public budget, the school could not afford to provide proper educational equipment for its students.

The request for donation and support was sent by school principal to Lord Mayor of Petchaboon, who called for an interested donor and 124 Communications has accepted the offer to purchase and install playground equipment for the school.

On the day celebrating school playground, children come as early as 5 o’clock in the morning for they have never seen playground equipment and wanted to make sure they were there early to play. The joyous moment was chaired by Provincial executive officers, including Member of the Parliament, Lord mayor of Petchaboon, Educational District officers, local administrative officers, and a large number of delighted villagers.